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The Professional Tascam Audio Products listed on this page are not an inclusive list of all the great products Overdrive sells.

For more information on a different Tascam product not shown, you can contact Overdrive Productions or visit the Tascam Website to see a complete product catalog.

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Overdrive Productions Inc., Professional Audio Video Dealers for Tascam CD Recorders and Duplicators


For the best in Audio Video Service and Sales, call Overdrive Productions, an authorized dealer for Tascam. With a long history of making high quality duplicators, Tascam has the perfect choice for bands, musicians, recording professionals, professional recording studios, record labels, Houses of Worship, and many other commercial AV applications. Tascam's reliable and advanced CD recorders provide excellent mix down, mastering and playback functions. Tascam's CD-RWs are great for burning a 2-track mixdown of music, archiving computer data and recording important music, church/religious events, political events, church services, weddings, or any other event that require a professional compact disc recorder.

Call 877-509-5282 to oder your CD-O1U Pro today! The new one-rackspace CD-O1U and CD-O1U Pro are compact enough to fit almost anywhere! With RS-232 control, relay play and single play, these compact CD players are ideal for Houses of Worship, restaurants, clubs, stores, broadcast equipment racks and custom installations. They feature MP3 playback, 20-second shock protection and pitch controls for flexible performance. The CD-O1U has unbalanced RCA outputs and a S/PDIF optical digital output. The CD-O1U Pro model adds balanced XLR outputs, an AES/EBU digital out and parallel control over playback.

Call 877-509-5282 to oder your MD-CD1 today! If MiniDisc is your preferred format, then the new Tascam MD-CD1 is what you're looking for. Combining CD playback and MiniDisc recording in a single rackmount space, Tascam gives you the most value for your budget. With features such as 12% pitch control, MP3/CD playback, RS-232 control, digital I/O, and an optional I/O board for balanced interfacing, the Tascam MD-CD1 can be applied to a wide variety of uses. Discs can be duplicated from CD to MiniDisc at up to 4x speed, and a wireless IR remote is included.

Tacam's CD-RW750 is a cost effective rackmount CD burner. It features a 24-bit A/D and D/A onboard sample rate converter, accepts CD-R and CD-RW media, and has RCA unbalanced analog I/O, Coaxial and Optical S/PDIF Digital I/O.

TASCAM CD-RW750 available from Overdrive Productions

The next in the line for audio CD recording is the Tascam CD-RW2000. This powerful and professional CD recorder uses professional and consumer CD-R and CD-RW Discs. It features are a 24 bit A/D and D/A converters, Balanced XLR, Unbalanced RCA analog I/O, AES/EBU, S/PDIF coax andoptical digital I/O, word clock input, parallel control port, and advanced playback functions (including auto ready, auto cue, call function) and more.

Call (972) 442-4800 to order your CD-RW750 from an Authorized Tascam Dealer

Need additional copies fast? For multiple duplication of music compact discs or data CD-ROM media, TASCAM'S high-quality CD-RW402 and CD-D1x4 both offer time saving functions and surprisingly high value! For the best in AV technology, Tascam's CD-RW402 CD player/recorder/duplicator offers excellent value and functionality. The CDRW402 duplicates audio and data CD formats at 4x, 2x, or 1x, Deck 2 locates points on Deck 1 for cues or edits: A-B edit for trimming dead space from tracks, built-in RAM buffer for accurate ID marks; Read/Write CD-TEXT information; PS/2 keyboard input for easy track naming, and parallel control port.

Tascam CD-RW402 and other professional recording products by TASCAM

Houses of Worship, professional recording studios, recording hobbyists, performance groups, musicians, record labels, and recording professionals are just a few examples of where the world of recording is used. For audio video service industry professionals who want to simultaneously duplicate four copies at up to 16x, theTascam CD-D1x4 4-U rackmount 1x4 CD duplicator is the perfect choice.

Tascam CD-D1X4 Disc Duplication System available from Overdrive Productions

This professional CD duplicator will cascade two CD-D1x4s to make 8 copies at 16x speed. Master tray reads CD, CD-R, and CD-RW discs. Records to professional and consumer CD media. The Tascam CD-D1x4 can analyze master and verify copy functions, automatic verify after copy mode, and erase CD-RW function. This is the finest in the CD duplication world and by far the most convenient!

TASCAM CD-A500 available from Overdrive Productions Overdrive Productions, North Texas Audio Video Service industry professionals, are also dealers for Tascam's Combination Disc/Cassette Recorders/Players. These CD/Cassette recorders/players are great for any environment where the two most popular consumer media are called on for playback. The compact sizes of the CD-A500, CD-A630, CD-A700, and the CC-222 make them a perfect solution for audio installations in restaurants, clubs, stores, studios, TASCAM CD-A700 available from Overdrive Productions bars, Houses of Worship/Churches, or anywhere else that CD's and cassettes need to be available for high-quality, reliable playback. The Tascam CD-A500 and CD-A700 are both single CD-cassette machines for playback or CD to cassette dubbing. The CD-A700 adds digital interfacing and more advanced playback functions to the already powerful CD-A500. TASCAM CD-A630 available from Overdrive Productions For an even wider range of music on cue, the CD-A630 is a unique triple CD-cassette player that is an excellent choice for Churches and other music venues. The Tascam CC-222 is the world's first combination deck to offer CD recording as well as playback. Some features are: RIAA-equalized phono inputs TASCAM CC-222mkII available from Overdrive Productions making it the perfect solution for burning great sounding audio CD's of vinyl LPs. The CC-222 also features cassette to CD and CD to cassette dubbing and includes analog and digital inputs for making CD's and tapes form just about any source.

For more information on Tascam Professional Recording solutions, please use our free online quote page, e-mail, or call Overdrive Productions today.

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