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Bose Panaray Digital Controllers and Amplifers

Designed for use with Bose Portable Loudspeakers

Overdrive Productions: Your Source For Professional Bose Products

The Panaray® System Digital Controller is a complete solution for controlling Bose® professional loudspeakers that require active equalization. Equalization for various combinations of Bose® loudspeakers can be accessed simply by selecting the appropriate preset. No programming is required. Panaray® controllers also provide additional processing features like delay and limiting, allowing you to protect your loudspeakers and reduce the number of components needed. Use the PANARAY® System Digital Controller with the Panaray® 402II, 802II, 502A, 502B, MB4, MA12 loudspeakers as well as the FreeSpace M32SE. Product Code: 028021

Panaray® System Digital Controller

Specifications: Controller for all Bose® Professional Speakers
2 Input by 4 Output Routing, Digital Delay and Limiting. Includes Bass-Array Presets for MB-4

Designed for the small to medium sized venue, the Bose® 1600-VI amplifier is a rugged, lightweight product to power and control your speakers using these output modes:
  • Two-channel stereo
  • Two-channel mono
  • Bridged mono

Power two different listening zones or control multiple speakers without the need for separate controllers. Great for use in nightclubs, retail stores, sports arenas and theaters.

Product Code: 022365

Bose® 1600-VI
Specifications: 240W Per Channel Into 8Ω
325W Per channel Into 4Ω


Designed for large sound systems, the Bose® 1800-VI Amplifier is an excellent choice for both portable and permanent applications. Bose® technology ensures a natural, lifelike sound when the amplifier is used with Bose® loudspeakers and the appropriate equalizer card. Optional plug-in modules are available for Bose® 402, 502A, 502B and 802 II loudspeakers, eliminating the need and cost for separate controllers.

Upgrade for remote monitoring and amplifier control
In multiple amplifier installations, the Bose® 1800-VI can be connected so that each amplifier powers up sequentially after the first is switched on. This makes the system easy to use and provides protection against power surges.Suitable for either shelf or rack mounted installations

Product Code: 022369

Bose® 1800-VI Amplifier

Specifications: 450W Per Channel Into 8Ω
600 W Per channel Into 4Ω


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