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Overdrive Productions, Inc.
PO Box 941787
Plano, TX
(972) 442-4800
(877) 509-5282

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Overdrive Productions, Inc. is one of North Texas finest authorized Bose® Dealers.

With the new Bose Modeler 6.5 design software, we can design and accurately predict the acoustic performance of a space and loudspeaker system before the room is even built.


The Bose LT Product Line in Black.


Bose LT Product Line in White.





Overdrive Productions Offers State of the Art Sound Systems

LT 6403  - Available for sale at Overdrive Productions. Great for big full sound

Hundreds of churches in the state of Texas have Bose® sound systems installed in their sanctuaries, gyms and schools. The buzz is that they are impressed with the clarity and high quality sound in Bose® Professional Products.

Overdrive Productions Inc. installed Bose LT Loudspeakers at Grace Church International

Overdrive Productions Inc. installed the new Bose LT loudspeakers at Grace Church International. This system consists of a main cluster of three Bose LT-4402s for long throw, and two Bose LT-9402s for down fill. This system also includes a Bose MB-24 flown bass array that includes four of the new Bose MB-24 dual 12" sub-woofers. To top it all of there are also 4 ground support subwoofers (Bose MB-24s) hidden behind grills under the stage area. The floor monitor for this masive system are Bose 402-IIs in black. These were chosen for their great fidelity and their ability to stay out of the sight lines of the television cameras. Complimenting this system through out the building are Bose Model-16 ceiling speakers in white with remote wall volume controls. Grace Church International truely has one of the best sound system in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

Overdrive Productions takes the guess-work out of trying to figure out what you need by offering precise sound installation, state of the art audio engineering and great BOSE® Professional Products!


Steve & Mario of ODP and Don of Bose
Steve of Overdrive Productions with Bose Representative, Don at the NSCA Expo in Dallas, Texas

BOSE® Products Featured at the NSCA Expo in 2003
Bose Speakers Featured at The NSCA Expo - Dallas Texas
ODP attends NSCA Expos to stay current on the latest in the audio-video industry.

BOSE® and Overdrive Productions is a sound experience you will never forget. ODP offers both engineered sound (for those who want to achieve "life-like" sound) and portable sound (for musicians who need a portable sound system).

Bose Panaray Series II


Call Overdrive Productions at 972-442-4800 to get a FREE ESTIMATE. We think you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can get 'Quality Sound' at a reasonable price.
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ODP is a Professional Bose® Systems Dealer and Installer. O.D.P. Inc. is certified in BMS (Business Music Systems) and Engineered Systems Design. All Professional Bose® Products offer a 5 year tranferrable warranty and are valid if puchased from Overdrive Productions, Inc. or any other "authorized" Bose® dealer. Overdrive Productions is proud to offer High-Quality Bose® Professional Products.

The A/V Professionals at Overdrive Productions have sold and installed well over Two Hundred Bose® Professional Systems with a less than 1% failure rate. We offer competitive pricing, courteous, and dependable service.

We are ready to help you with all your Bose® Pro Audio needs including design, sales, and installation. Please take a moment to let us know how we can help you.

Carlos Sanchez works on the Bose Modeler Design Program and checks his work using the Bose Auditioner Listening Station.

(Above) Carlos with Overdrive Productions Inc.is experiencing the life-like sound and clarity of Bose Professional Products through the Bose Auditioner. (which can also be used with the Bose Modeler ® design software)

Overdrive Productions, Inc. audio engineers are certified on the Bose Modeler Program/ Design Software ®. Bose Modeler ® is a sophisticated analysis program that determines the preferred configuration and location of speaker systems. The Bose Accurate Modeler ® software enable sound engineer to create an accurate acoustical model of a facility, and develop an engineered design that reduces echoes, excessive, reverberation, and acoustic cold and hot spots. Bose Modeler ® places virtual speakers in a computerized room model of almost any size or shape and the speakers can be aimed, moved, turned on of off, amplified, or set with time delay values. This program also takes into account the acoustical properties of the surface materials that are used in each different venue. Bose Modeler ® design software can be used for planned structures, existing structures, or with architectural drawings.

We Stock Equipment by Bose, JBL, Shure, Crown, Yamaha, & Others

In order to provide our customers with the best sound installation possible, Overdrive Productions installers are professionally trained and Bose® certified.

Overdrive Productions, has a large selection of
Bose Portable Pro Audio Equipment
in stock and ready for immediate pick-up or shipping.

Bose Engineered Sound Products

  • Panaray 402, 502, 802
  • Panaray LT MB12
  • Panaray LT Systems: 9702, 3202, 4402
  • Panaray Digital Controllers

Bose Amplifiers and Business Music Systems

  • Bose 203 Loudspeakers
  • FS Model 32 and 32SE
  • FS Model 6 (Flush/Surface System/Loudspeakers)
  • Model 2150 Commercial Amplifier

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Panaray MA 12 Black


Bose 302 A, Available Colors -  Black & White

*Notice From Bose® Corporation, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA :

"Before you purchase a Bose® product, be sure to verify that you are purchasing a genuine Bose® product.

There are dealers, Web sites and on-line auctions, currently claiming to offer Bose® products that are not authorized Bose® dealers. The products sold by these parties may have defaced, missing or altered serial numbers and/or product labels, and they carry no warranty from Bose®. Buying from an unauthorized dealer, Web site or Online auction may be risky. These products may be used, counterfeit or stolen goods, and their sale is a criminal violation in many states."