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Overdrive Productions and Ashly Audio together bring the highest quality audio tools at an affordable cost to the professional user.

The Protea Series 4.24G digital equalizer is equipped with 24-bit resolution to provide unmatched processing capabilities whether your application is FOH, Monitor world, recording, broadcasting, Surround-Sound™, and DAWs. Loaded with features, such as 28 bands of 1/3-octave EQ, compressor/limiters, delays, 24db/octave hi and low pass filters, you can also link slave units to provide up to 16 channels of digital equalization!

Add the Protea 4.24RD remote control to your digital equalizers and you can EQ from right in front of the monitors up to 1000 feet via XLR cabling. Maybe you want to walk the room and EQ away from the FOH position. The 4.24RD Remote Control from Ashly Audio makes it a breeze to program and save your EQ settings and when your through, you can safely disconnect the remote for tamperproof operation.

If you're like me and you have to have the "feel" of real faders, then the GQX Series from Ashly is just what you need. The full-throw faders are a custom matal-shaft type. Available in a 31-band single channel, a 31-band dual channel or a 15-band dual channel model. Call Overdrive Productions today for a free quote.

For over 30 years, Ashly Audio has remained committed to bringing you quality products at an affordable price. To this commitment, Ashly adds an exclusive FIVE YEAR WORRY-FREE WARRANTY to every product with the Ashly brand name, and is offered at no extra cost to the customer.

Call Overdrive Productions today for a free quote.

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