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Overdrive Productions, Inc., services all of North Texas and the DFW metropolis area.

Please see our list of cities that we provide service to.

ODP - Texas Authorized Dealer for
JBL Professional Products

Whatever your need, JBL has the right loudspeaker for the job.

The name JBL is internationally recognized as a leader in loudspeaker technology. Overdive Productions, Inc. is proud to offer sales and professional installation of JBL Products. From Ceiling speakers (Control Series) to Line Arrays (Vertec Series), JBL and ODP can provide the exact speakers for your specification. For over four decades, JBL speakers have represented the best performance, highest quality, and most advanced driver technology available to PA users. The SRX700 series continues that tradition. The advanced technology of SRX700 series speakers delivers the power and performance you would expect from the highest quality, professional systems. At the same time, JBL innovation and design have reduced system weight so load in and load out are a breeze.

SRX700 Series
SRX Series solutions from JBL Professional

The JBL Pro AE Engineered Loudspeaker Series are designed to deliver a superior performance with features that A/V contractors and A/V consultants use and listeners want to hear! JBL has incorporated the latest loudspeaker technology and high performance loudspeakers. The JBL AE Series or Applied Engineered Series includes the JBL AE 6000 Series, 4000 Series, and JBL 2000 Series.
JBL AE Series
JBL Application Engineered Series available from Overdrive Productions

JBL AE Series Loudspeakers are perfect for a large range of fixed audio installations including Houses of Worship, live music clubs, themed entertainment venues, theatrical sound design, auditoriums, schools, sports facilities, performing arts facilities, and dance-clubs. The smallerAE series are great for lecture halls, corporate learning facilities, and also work well as delay-fill locations of larger sound systems. The JBL AE 2000, JBL AE 4000, or JBL AE 6000 Loudspeakers can deliver a huge scale performance or a compact profile performance. Overdrive Productions continues to only sell the best audio products and the JBL Application Engineered Speakers offers excellent power for horizontal or vertical fixed installations.

One of the newest JBL Loudspeaker is the VRX900 Series. The VRX series was designed as a smaller version of the larger VerTec Line Array. The VRX932LA addresses the need for a small professional sound system. This curved Line Array is perfect for audio rentals, fixed sound system installation, and musicians who want portability and performance. The VRX shares components with the JBL VerTec Line Array Series. The JBL VerTec Line Array Touring Rig is a world class touring industry professional. The JBL VRX900 Series was designed for use in smaller venues including corporate events, political events, worship events, sports events, theme parks, and night clubs. The VRX900 Series is more of a portable and compact version of its big brother touring rig -VerTec Line Array.

JBL VRX Series available from Overdrive Productions

Audio engineers have often referred to the JBL VerTec Series Line array as the "Bad Boy" of the audio world. Although the Line Array is not a new concept, the JBL VerTec Vertical technology is fairly new but is revolutionizing the way audio professionals feel about line arrays. The high powered JBL VerTec Line Array Series has the ability to provide repeatable and predictable results for large venues including Stadiums, Television, Award Shows, Sports Venues, Themed Entertainment, Worship Events, Concerts, Corporate Presentations, and Political Conventions.

Overdrive Productions, Inc. is your JBL Professional Dealer
for all the great products on this page and more!

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