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"Frequently Asked Questions"
for Church Music and Houses of Worship

History And General Audio Video Information

What is church music?

Is music used in all services?

What is religious music?

What is contemporary music?

What is the origin of christian music?

What is gospel music?

What is audio engineering?

What is an audio engineer?

What types of equipment do audio engineers operate?

What is a full-range loudspeaker?

What is a sound reinforcemnet system?

What is the configuration of a sound reinforcement system?

What is an amplifier?

What is power amplifier?

What is a mixing console?

Q: What is church music?
 Church music is music intended for performance at services of worship.
Q: Is music used in all church services?
With a few exceptions, music is important to the nature of every religion and the singing of prayers and parts of scripture is part of Judeo-Christian traditions. The hymn, motet, and chorale have become an integral part of many church services.
Q: What is religious music?
Religious music is music performed for religious use ans/or through religious influnces. Many forms of traditional music have been descended from religious music or were written to fit religious purposes A good example of this Johann Sebastian Bach, who wrote most of his music for the Lutheran Church.
Q: What is Contemporary music?
Contemporary music is music that often changes to fit the times. An example of this is various forms of secular or what is popular music now but has religious lyrics. Another example, Gospel music, has always done this for many years by incorporating R & B.
Q: What is the origin of Christian music?
An exact record of the earliest music of the Christian Church is not known for sure except for a few New Testament parts which are probably hymns. Hymns are still sung today in the Orthodox Church and Jesus and his disciples would have probably have sung the psalms from memory. Early Christians continued to sing the psalms like they were sung in the synagogues in the First Century.
Q: When did Jewish music begin?
Early synagogue music was based on the same system that was in the Temple in Jerusalem.
Q: What is Gospel music?
Gospel Music is a kind of distinctly American religious music that is associated with Evangelism and is based on the melodies of folk music blended with jazz and blues and sometimes rock. Gospel music is very emotional and jubilant which also stems from the call-and-response singing between the preacher and congregation. Gospel music is the celebration of God’s love and gospel style makes use of choral singing and many times are lead by a lead singer or a group of singers. The songs are usually performed with huge enthusiasm, vigor, and spiritual inspiration with lots of ornamentation in the solo vocal lines.
Q: What is Audio Engineering?
Audio engineering is a part of audio science dealing with the recording and reproduction of sound through mechanical and electronic means. The audio engineering field draws on many disciplines including acoustics, psychoacoustics, music, and electrical engineering.
Q: What is an Audio Engineer?
An Audio Engineer is someone with experience and training in the production and manipulation of sound through mechanical means. An Audio Engineer is also sometimes referred to as a Sound Engineer, Sound Guy, or Audio Guy. An audio engineer is usually associated with music production but may also be involved with dealing with sound for a wide range of applications including video, film, live sound reinforcement, multi-media, and broadcasting.
Q: What types of equipment do Audio Engineers operate?
Audio Engineers operate many types of A/V equipment including mixing consoles, microphones, signal processors, digital audio workstations, sequencing software, and speaker systems.
Q: What is a full-range loudspeaker?
A Full-range loudspeaker drive unit is defined as an acoustic driver that attempts to reproduce as much of the audible frequency range possible, with high-fidelity, within the boundaries imposed by the physical limitations of the specific design.
Q: What is a sound reinforcement system?
A sound reinforcement system is an electromechanical system for accurately amplifying, reproducing, and sometimes recording audio, so that the people not close to the original source can experience the sound as if they were.
Q: What is the configuration of a sound reinforcement system?
The configuration depends on its intended application. A sound system, or public address system or PA systems typically have microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and controls to mix the signals.
Q: What is an amplifier?
An Amplifier can be considered to be any device that uses small amounts of energy to control a larger amount of energy.
Q: What is a power amplifier?
A Power Amplifier is designed to deliver maximum power output to a load. An example would be in an audio system, it is the amplifier that drives the loudspeaker.
Q: What is a mixing console?
In Professional Audio, Mixing Consoles can also be called sound-boards, soundboard, audio mixer, and mixing desks. The Mixing Console is an electronic device used for combining (also called mixing), routing, and changing the level, tone, and/or dynamics of audio signals. A Mixer can mix analog or digital signals, depending on the type of mixer.

  Overdrive Productions has many years of experience installing church audio and video systems. In fact, Houses of Worship are our primary business. For more great information on any of your current Audio/Video needs, please contact Overdrive Productions, Inc. for a free quote on “the very best in Pro Audio / Video Gear in the world!” We also offer shipping* for all these great A/V products and software anywhere in the United States.

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