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Overdrive Productions Offers
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NEWS FLASH:   Experience Great Sound With Bose and Overdrive Productions

Hundreds of churches in the state of Texas have Bose® sound systems installed in their sanctuaries, gyms and schools. The buzz is that they are impressed with the clarity and high quality sound in Bose® Professional Products.

Overdrive Productions takes the guess-work out of trying to figure out what you need by offering precise sound installation, state of the art audio engineering and great BOSE® Professional Products!

Steve & Mario of ODP and Don of Bose
Steve and Mario of Overdrive Productions with Bose Representative, Don at the NSCA Expo in Dallas, Texas
BOSE® Products Featured at the NSCA Expo in 2003
Bose Speakers Featured at The NSCA Expo - Dallas Texas
ODP attends NSCA Expos to stay current on the latest in the audio-video industry.

BOSE® and Overdrive Productions is a sound experience you will never forget. ODP offers both engineered sound (for those who want to achieve "life-like" sound) and portable sound (for musicians who need a portable sound system).


Bose Panaray Series II


Call Overdrive Productions to get a FREE ESTIMATE. We think you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can get 'Quality Sound' at a reasonable price.

*Note: Bose® is not all inclusive of the professional audio products offered by Overdrive Productions.

We Stock Equipment by Bose, JBL, Shure, Crown, Yamaha, & Others

Portable Sound Products - Available at Overdrive Productions! - Click Here For Audio Rental Information
Portable Sound Products - Available for sale or rent at Overdrive Productions. Great For D.J. Gigs & Special Events!

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Panaray MA 12 Black

In order to provide our customers with the best sound installation possible, Overdrive Productions installers are professionally trained and Bose® certified.

Bose 302 A, Available Colors -  Black & White

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